Intelcraft Solution Company Limited was established in the year 2005 by an experienced teamwork that most of the members were in AV business for more than a decade. Our crews’ experiences include involving in many nation-wide and international level projects in design, provision of high-tech AV equipment, install and maintenance programs.
Why Intelcraft Solution?

The question may arise along with the need for guaranty before making decision to purchase a product or hire someone to complete important tasks for you. However, we may not have the definite answer to your solution but we would like you to consider the reasons as below.
Nowadays, the technology of sound, lighting and AV systems change rapidly, which sometimes make them impossible to keep track with. However, Intelcraft Solution Co., Ltd. has up to date knowledge in the changes in technology trends and selects the most equitable and suitable solutions that save time and eliminate risks for you in advance.
We will not specify the brand of equipment and limit the choices like any other representatives would do which often unsuitable for your conditions, budget or purposes. But since we are a free solution provider company, by choosing IntelCraft Solution Co., Ltd. you will definitely be free from those old fashioned offers.
Because we are supplier-independence (SI), it is our target to stay sustainable in world of business without having to keep up with the sales. Therefore, upholding customer satisfaction and company’s image are our priorities in order to alter new customers to enduringly become our sustainable supporters.
Since we are not accountable to keep up with the sales of any product, we then only select top brands of high quality products and equipment for lighting, sound and image system to offer more variety services. As a result, your desirable high quality and durable lighting and sound systems will be provided. On top of that, we can manage to provide the variety of top brands into one system in order for you to get the most perfect system, which you will be never experienced from other supplier or distributor that is not SI like Intelcraft.
We believe, at this point, there should be enough satisfied answers for you. Please explore through our website for available services. We highly recommend you to consider our services for once and you will discover that you have made a right decision.
If you have any query or would like to receive more details on equipments or systems whether for any purpose or any location, our team is ready to answer any questions or provide more information.
Where and who we serve…
Location Examples of area that may require our system.
Educational Institutions Audio-Visual systems for class room, conference room, auditorium, audio announcement, stadium and LED displays electronic sign.
Hotels & Resort In all areas, ranging from Audio video room, Emergency announcement system, Audio-Visual systems for banquet room, restaurant, ballroom and etc. Lighting control to save energy and lighten up the atmosphere.
Government complex & Private companies Video and audio processing and sound system for War room, Conference Board room, Executive meeting room, training room, Public Relations System, other electronic news and video conference.
Temples Churches and House of Warships Buildings Audio and video systems for both inside and outside the building for the clarity of religious propaganda and the sanctity of various rituals. Stage lighting for various ceremonies
Theme parks & Museums Lighting and Audio-Visual systems and multimedia displays in all areas. LED displays electronic sign.
Theaters & Entertainment venues Lighting and Audio-Visual systems, Effects both on stage and surrounding areas.
Home Audio and video entertainment systems for your home.